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About Jordan

Jordan is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Asheville, where he majored in atmospheric science. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in December 2013 in atmospheric science with a concentration in weather forecasting, completing the requirements to be a meteorologist as set by the American Meteorological Society.

Jordan’s specialty is synoptic scale forecasting. His philosophy on forecasting is you must understand what is occurring on the synoptic scale before you can accurately predict what is going to occur at the mesoscale. Jordan’s passion is weather forecasting, and he enjoys forecasting for locations all across the United States.

Jordan is a student member and soon to be member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS).

Jordan currently lives in the foothills of North Carolina in the small town of Hildebran. Outside of forecasting, Jordan is an avid golfer and always enjoys keeping up with the Atlanta Braves and Carolina Panthers.


University of North Carolina-Asheville: August 2011-December 2013

Bachelor of Science: Atmospheric Sciences with concentration in weather forecasting

Catawba Valley Community College: August 2009-August 2011

Associate of Arts