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Florence Has Weakened and Is Moving Away, but Flooding Continues

Florence is finally moving to the north of our area, and showers and storms will slowly continue to move north and west of the Carolinas.

Showers and storms are expected to continue on Monday across parts of the Carolinas, which will continue to aggravate the flooding situation. As Florence continues to pull to the north, the impacts on our weather will continue to decrease. The NAM computer model shows rainfall expected to fall on Monday.

Showers remain possible on Tuesday across the coastal plain, but a front will bring drier conditions for all of North Carolina by Wednesday.

Flooding conditions are expected to continue through the entire week, especially across the eastern part of the state. It will take a long time for the water to drain. As of 6:00 p.m. Sunday, much of the southeast part of the state received well over 20 inches of rain.

For the end of the week, high pressure is expected to move into the area, which will allow for drier conditions. It looks like that area of high pressure; however, will be moving to the east which will allow for shower and thunderstorm chances to return.

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