Cold Air Preparing to Invade Eastern United States Next Week

Models are agreeing that a major Arctic Plunge is coming next week to the eastern United States, with temperatures 20-30 degrees below average for the first of December.

An upper level ridge is expected to develop across the western United States, which allows an upper level trough to dig in across the eastern United States. This will allow cold Canadian air to invade the eastern United States next week.

Below is the ECMWF computer model on next Friday (December 8th). Notice the above normal heights (ridge) across the western United States and the below average heights (trough) across the eastern United States.

Also notice the ridge of high pressure located across the Northern Atlantic Ocean over Greenland. This will also help to funnel the cold air into the Carolinas.

The image below is the GFS computer model on Friday, December 8th. Notice the temperature departure from average across the southeast United States.

Indications are this pattern could remain through the middle of December. Both the GFS and EURO maintain the western ridge and the Greenland ridge through the long range.

It is still too early to get into specifics regarding high temperatures late next week and even into the second week of December. I will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you updated.