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Warmer & Rainy Weather Likely to Remain Next Week

If you have enjoyed these warmer temperatures, then you are going to like the outlook from the National Weather Service.

The Climate Prediction Center has much of the east coast with a very good chance of above average temperatures in Days 6-10 (February 18 – February 22). Notice much of the southeast is under an 80% chance of above average temperatures. This is due to an upper level ridge off the eastern seaboard, allowing for well above average temperatures.

While the east will see above average temperatures, the west will see much colder temperatures. This is due to an upper level trough over the west coast.

There is also a good chance of above average precipitation; however, coastal areas may actually see below average precipitation. The southeast ridge that is providing the warmer temperatures will also help to keep the rain to the west.

After the flooding rains for much of western North Carolina this weekend, this is not good news. Chances are we will continue to see those shower chances remain elevated through next week.

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