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Hurricane Florence Wednesday Morning Update

Hurricane Florence remains a powerful category 4 hurricane this Wednesday morning and is continuing to move towards the southeast coast; however, there has been some important changes to the forecast track.

The official track from the National Hurricane Center has shifted southward with Hurricane Florence and the system now is slower making landfall. This is due to high pressure to the west, north, and east of the storm which prevents the storm from moving much.

The spaghetti plots this morning shows the storm meandering slowly off the Carolina coast before landfall in SC. This appears to be the new consensus on most of the operational models, including the GFS and EURO.

It is possible Florence may drift off the North Carolina and South Carolina coast for 48 hours, which would cause major devastation and damage to the coastline of NC and SC from the storm surge, heavy rain, and hurricane force winds.

The National Hurricane Center said in their morning discussion that the track may be pushed further south later this morning. I will continue to monitor the situation and I will keep you updated.

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